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10/23/06 - New stats server up and running thanks to donatations from the following people:
Tstolze, thank you for the motherboard, CPU and RAM donation!
1- MSI K8MM-V Motherboard
1- Athlon 64 3700+ processor with factory heat sink and fan
2- 512mb PC3200 sticks of Corsair Value Select Ram

The following people donated funds for the stats machine repair and maint.

New 600 Coolmaster power supply and 2 case fans purchased locally Gargoyle

Thanks Everyone!

07/04/06 - Updated and turned UD stats back on.
Updated main stats page
Find your persoanl Team Helix folding counters here


08/23/03 - Added Overclockers Folding Stats 07/12/03 - Stats upload to neosmart/neotechus has stopped. Only uploading to new site
07/10/03 - Working on new site. Both are active right now

06/18/03 - Added info on donations and the new stats machine Stats Machine Donations

Mike's Page


Assorted Folding Links The following links are other stats that are available offsite:
rkhands stats
Folding@Home main site at stanford.edu
The Offical Stanford Top 25 Teams list
The Offical Stanford Stats search page

Den's Totals

Stats/Site - Den
You can visit my main page here

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