Intercooler Pressure Testing

I currently own a 91.5 Dodge CTD and these photos and notes are from working on that truck.
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I tested my intercooler out of the truck and this is what I used.

Buying the Needed Pieces.

Above is the parts I purchased at a local home improvement store. I walk in with one of the boots and started fitting parts together. One important part is the air valve (schrader valve) for airing up the system. I already had one so I don't know if you can get this at the HI store.


Glue all your parts together and then use the factory clamps to hold them in the hoses. I used a cap to block off the one end.


Don't go crazy with the air pressure. I never went over 20PSI because I didn't want PVC projectiles shooting out of the boots.

Use water and a bit of soap in a spray bottle and spray the entire thing and look for leaks.

It will prolly look like mine. Holes everywhere. No Major leaks though. You'll be able to tell by the size of the bubble how big the holes are. If they are tiny and making foam...don't worry about it. If they are huge then it might be something you want to look into ;)

Below are the pics I took of mine..along with the goop the previous owner sealed a leak with :(

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