You'll find all sorts of info on this site about various projects I'm working on, have worked on or created over the years.

So take note:

If it says it's from 10 years ago, I really have no additional info on the subject. I brain dumped or listed whatever I knew at the time. If it helps you out..great. Other than that, I'd probably have to go back and read it myself to remember :-) So whatever is here for that item is about what I know about it. Enjoy


1st Gen Dodge Cummins Info All sorts of tech info for the 1st Generation Dodge Cummins 91-93. Wiring, TPS Adjustments, Grid heater maint., photos and other tech info (2001-2005)

Race Seat and Custom Shifter Photos on my racing cockpit and custom shifter I made for console use(Xbox and PS2) and PC games (2003)

BetaBrite Programming Notes on programming the Betabrite 1 line LED Displays. The protocol document can be a little confusing. I've written some notes on how it works and some sample apps to get you up and running. (From 2001)

Folding@Home Stats - Inactive I wrote some custom scripts to gather stats for DSL Reports Team Helix and a few other folding teams. The stats ran every 4 hours for about 6 years.The stats are currently no longer running, but for history stake the last run can be viewed here. (From 2000)

Neon MP3 Back in 1998 I built my home built Cajun mobile MP3 Player. This PC was controlled by a hand held LCD/keypad remote. It ran Linux off a flash card and was located either in the house, the car or in my truck. (From 1998)

Some pics of when I was doing ornamental alumuinum (From 2001)

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